10 Signs You Need a New Roof

Most people know that their roofs need to be replaced every once in a while. Roofs get old, shingles get damaged, and gutters become clogged with leaves and other outdoor junk. But the signs of deterioration don\’t always come from above. Your roof is exposing your home to problems you can\’t see from the roof itself. Here are 10 signs that you might need to invest in a new roof.

10 Signs of a Weakening Roof

Minor roof troubles can become significant problems if left unrepaired. Noticing one or more of these common issues is a reason to call the professionals about a new roof:

1. Rising Utility Bills or Decreasing Warranties

Even minimal damage to a roof can be enough to let the outside in. Cold weather circulates indoors to drive up heating bills, while hot weather forces inhabitants to crank cooling units. Check utility charges for any noticeable spikes. Refer to your paperwork to check how long ago the roof was applied – it may be time for a replacement if it’s approaching 20 years.

2. It’s Green (and Not in a Good Way)


Energy-saving roof? Good. Flora-plagued roof? Bad. Mold, moss, or fungi is a sign of trapped moisture. This can eat away at roofing, as can dark spots of algae.

3. Discolored or Dripping Ceilings

Indoor moisture patches on the ceilings of upper floor rooms soon lead to obvious dripping. Follow that trail into the attic (if you have one) to locate any gaps in the roofing.

4. Weak Flashing

A roof’s flashing is vital to its function. Check for flappy, cracked, or missing flashing that may be exposing your home to the elements.

5. Visible Rot

Parts of the roof may be peeling off, curling, or sagging. This is another sign of excessive moisture that you should address quickly.

6. Shaky Shingles


Cracked, dark, or loose shingles are cause for immediate repairs, as are any detached shingles on your lawn or driveway.

7. Shedding Shingles

The protective granules that coat shingles also have limited life and may be seen washing off into your downspout or gutter, where they look like dirt or grit.

8. Paint Problems

Bubbling or peeling paint visible on a home exterior under the roofline indicates there may be humidity or moisture issues on the upper levels. These signs are often connected with a failing roof.

9. Failing Gutters


Roofs rely on gutters staying clean and firm. An overflowing, sagging, or detached gutter either backs up moisture to cover and weaken the roof, or it drags down and away from the exterior and weakens the roofline.

10. Resident Pests

Various insects and rodents often use roof weaknesses to enter a home.

Acting fast on these issues saves a lot of time and expense later. It’s a good idea to connect with a full-service exterior provider you can trust.

Take the Diligent Route to a Healthy Roof

The expert team at Diligent Exterior Remodeling can assess your roof’s condition to provide the best solutions for replacement or repair. We can care for or install roofing of many materials and colors to keep your home looking great and functioning well. Contact our office today for a free estimate.

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