5 Exciting Exterior Renovation Ideas to Upgrade Your Home

A house’s exterior does more than protect against the elements. An attractive exterior can work with a well-designed interior to create something wonderful for owners to come home to. It can also boost curb appeal and attract potential buyers. Here are some of today’s most popular house exterior renovation ideas.

Stone and Custom Blend


The rugged beauty of stone can cover all or part of a home’s exterior to deliver that organic modern feel. Homeowners now have the option of updated exterior stone such as Evolve Stone, which combines versatile looks and fast installation without sacrificing visual impact.

Wood Panels

This is another organic modern trend that lends real life to an exterior. Today’s exterior home renovation choices do away with the maintenance headaches of real wood in favor of siding options that perfectly replicate the look and feel while eliminating the traditional fuss and lifespan limitations.

Window Walls


A clear, glassy exterior that permits lots of interior light is another top exterior renovation trend. Design experts can achieve this through plentiful use of window styles such as picture windows, which focus on large panes that illuminate and highlight a home.

Strategic window placement also brings an open, modern feel to homes of all shapes and sizes. The right doors can also make a bold or elegant addition to the exterior as well as make the home more secure and energy-efficient.

Roof Types and Materials

A home’s crowning glory is among the first elements prospective buyers consider, and it’s a major factor in curb appeal. Break free of convention by exploring exterior home renovation roofing ideas like tile, asphalt, slate, and metal options. These provide beauty and individuality to perfectly complement the exterior walls, and they deliver practical benefits like elemental protection, energy efficiency, and longevity.

Color Combinations

The right hue – from arctic white to statement shades like warm reds and cool blues (or maybe just a flash of color on the trim) – can energize an exterior design like no other choice. What’s more, modern siding and other exterior products have the colors blended in, so they won’t fade with exposure to harsh weather and sunlight.

Contact Our Experts With Any Questions

There are excellent tools available to explore siding styles, roofing and trim, and to see how various window or door designs can bring your house exterior ideas to life. 

Diligent Exterior Remodeling provides the materials, expertise, and customer support to help you achieve your dream home in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia. Browse our FAQ to learn more about our process, and contact us for a free in-home or virtual estimate to get your exterior renovation project underway and improve your home’s energy efficiency and curb appeal.

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