Bay Window Installation & How it Works

Though they were first built for old cathedrals, bay windows have had a new lease of life in many modern homes. Yet, it is well-known that they are not as easy to install as windows that sit flush with the wall. Would you know how to enact a bay window installation if you need to?

This article will help you understand how to install bay windows, including how to remove your old windows if you need to. As you read below, you should gain an understanding of how your new windows will work as you install them into your home. 

Remove the Old Window

If a window already exists in the frame, you must remove it before installing your new bay window. The details of how this works might change depending on the existing window make.

In short, though, you should generally remove all screws, nails, and trim from the edge of the window. This will allow you to pull the whole window out without causing it much damage if any. You can then remove the window frame and sill too, leaving the bare wall.

Secure a Frame in Place

After placing a level wooden board as the bottom frame of the window, lift the window into the frame\’s opening, sitting it on the wooden board. Line it up, then screw or nail in both the top and the bottom of the frame.

If you have specific manufacturer\’s instructions, follow these at this point.

Install the Window\’s Roof

The roof above the window may not come pre-installed. If that is the case, follow these instructions.

Install Support Cables

Your specific bay window will have instructions on how high the cables must be installed above the roof. If not, install them at a 45-degree angle. The two cable clamps must sit straight above a bay window corner, giving an appearance of one straight line from the bottom up. Then slide the support cable into the clamps and hook them straight onto the roof.

After this, you can lay the roof cab, or frame, straight onto the windows and nail or screw it in. Then complete the roof with plywood, roofing paper, and shingles.

Finish the Window

After insulating the window, you will want to use sealant to ensure that it does not let draughts through. If you do not, you may need to pay more towards your bay window installation cost as you return to finish the job later.

All inner trims and panels should be added at this point, and the windows themselves slid into place. Again, rely on the instructions in your specific window brand for more details.

More About Bay Window Installation

After the above, you should have a much better idea of how you can complete a bay window installation. They are not the only types of windows available, though. If you want any other window options, we can help you install them.

Our professional team can talk to you about your options and help you understand the average window replacement cost. So, get in contact today to start transforming your house into a new home.

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