board batten siding

Board Batten Siding (Everything You Need to Know!)

Siding is one of the most important elements of your house. It is the “face” of your home and makes it more energy efficient. Siding …

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Bay Window Installation & How it Works

Though they were first built for old cathedrals, bay windows have had a new lease of life in many modern homes. Yet, it is well-known that …

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double hung vs single hung windows

Double Hung vs Single Hung Windows: What’s the Difference?

Great windows can be a nice accent when you’re putting together the interior of your home. When shopping for windows there are two types that …

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garden windows

Garden Windows & Other Ideas for More Sunlight in Your Home

There are over 25,000 companies in the USA that install household windows, a lot of choices for a specific feature. You will want to ensure …

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types of windows

8 Types of Windows: When You Need a Replacement

If you\’ve ever researched how to replace a broken window, you\’ve probably felt shocked by the sheer multitude of window types. It\’s also likely that your lack of knowledge in this …

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types of windows for home

The Whoopsy Daisy Window Replacement Guide

Whether one of the kids did it, a hailstorm damaged it, or you\’re working on an exterior remodeling project, figuring out a window replacement can …

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