Hardie Board Siding Cost from Start to Installation

Siding can add new life to your home that will boost curb appeal and play an important role in increasing resale value. It also protects the structure and its inhabitants from mold and mildew, which can weaken buildings and cause or exacerbate health problems.

Siding can also shield homeowners from skyrocketing utility costs. These and other benefits are discussed in our previous vinyl siding blog. James Hardie is America’s recognized leader in durable siding, offering a wide variety of options that provide style and protection. This blog will explain what goes into a siding quote and how a Hardie board siding cost estimator can help you decide.

The Basic Factors Affecting Hardie Board Siding Cost 

Every home – and every siding quote – is different. There are four core considerations that affect a project:

  1. The amount of labor required
  2. The materials you select
  3. Removal and disposal of any old siding (this does not apply to every property)
  4. Your home’s square footage

The larger the home, the higher the cost and the longer the siding team will have to spend working on it. Your choice of materials also impacts your quote, with several options available, including HardiePlank, HardiePanel, and Artisan.

Factory-painted siding will also increase the final price. Some homeowners are happy with purely functional unpainted siding. For others, choosing the perfect shade to make their home stand out or to complement features like doors and windows makes all the difference. We recommend experimenting with Hardie’s color visualizer if you’re not sure about this.

How to Roughly Estimate the Cost of Hardie Board Siding

Avoid any contractor who offers a “guaranteed” siding quote without knowing every element involved. No responsible company will give you a final quote for Hardie siding until they’ve assessed your property and discussed your budget and goals.

You can use this Hardie board siding cost estimator to estimate how expensive your project might be. Look around further online, and you’ll find various square-footage estimates for Hardie board siding cost ranging from $1 to $6, while others put it in the region of $7 to $13.

These disparities are why such calculators are sufficient only to get a ballpark figure. You may also find some calculation criteria confusing, and obtaining the dimensional data can be labor-intensive. A much easier way to see if your goals match your budget is to call the exterior remodeling professionals, who can provide a more precise quote tailored to you.

Why Diligent Exterior Remodeling Is Your Trusted Partner for Vinyl Siding

Our expert team can estimate the cost of Hardie board siding for your home by dropping by in person or discussing it with you virtually. Together we can connect your siding budget to a beautiful result that will enhance and protect your property now and for decades to come. Just get in touch with us, and let’s start making your exterior dreams a reality!

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