Four Paths to Improve Curb Appeal for Your Home

Curb appeal is what makes your home stand out from the crowd. A home’s curb appeal can take a dive if an exterior displays signs of neglect, or it can receive a massive boost when owners make one or more of the additions on today’s list. 

Exploring your decorative options can turn heads, invite questions, and close deals. This guide will detail how you can add new practical and visual dimensions to your property to improve curb appeal and raise its resale value.

Ideas to Improve Curb Appeal

Making your home glamorous and inviting doesn’t have to break the bank. Many tried-and-tested methods can cost as little as a tin of paint or a twist of your garden faucet. Consider speaking to an exterior professional about the following options to ensure you and your home stay safe.

Repair or Replace Siding


Modern siding options range from traditional single-color planks to low-maintenance natural effects like wood and stone. Well-fitted and maintained siding announces that your home is protected from elemental damage, pests, health hazards, and fire, and curbside viewers will always consider quality siding a plus. Experts can also apply siding minimally to add a neat and striking trim around an exterior.

Lay on the Landscaping


A dash of organic color gives any home a vibrant sense of life. Garden windows provide eye-catching spaces for growing plants, while doorsteps, porches, and garden paths can be decorated with any number of affordable and attractive shrubbery options. Strategic planting can also improve curb appeal by covering up less attractive items like downspouts or garbage cans. A well-kept lawn is another perennial way to draw admiring eyes.

Spruce Up Your Exterior


Repairing or replacing windows and doors is an excellent way to improve curb appeal (and windows are a very sought-after selling point). Even more budget-friendly options like a new coat of door or window paint or replacement hardware fixtures can make a world of visual difference. Giving your exterior a thorough cleansing can make surfaces, paths, and panes shine.

Inspect Your Roof and Gutters


Living inside your home means you may not see these two features very often, but the outside world looks at them all day. Few features dazzle like a pristine roof complemented by clean and functional gutters. Both features give potential buyers confidence that the structure is as safe as it is striking.

A thorough assessment of your home’s exterior can catch problems early and ensure that your home maintains curb appeal. Exterior remodeling investments also reassure potential buyers that they’ll have to invest less into home improvements and preventive maintenance.

Contact an Expert With Any Questions

A commitment to improving curb appeal doesn’t have to be hard work. Diligent Exterior Remodeling provides the materials, expertise, and customer support to help you achieve your dream look with minimal fuss and maximal cost-effectiveness. 

We are a family-owned and operated company delivering quality remodels to clients in Maryland, D.C., and Northern Virginia. Contact our team for a free in-home or virtual estimate.

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