Top 5 Signs Your Home May Need Exterior Repairs

How Do I Know When It\’s Time For Exterior Renovations?

Houses can communicate important exterior issues that may need to be addressed to maintain the comfort and security of the interior. The trick is knowing where to look. 

In this article, you will discover 5 of the most common warning signs that you should consult a licensed contractor to have your home exterior inspected and repaired.

Common Home Exterior Red Flags

If you\’re buying a house, remodeling one, or otherwise considering the state of the exterior of a house you own, it\’s important to know when work is needed.

Here are classic signs that you need exterior repairs:

Rundown Roof


Roof damage can be hard to see without climbing to look for holes and loose fittings. Interior warning signs can be an indication of problems, though. Drafts, mold, or pests like insects and rodents can all point to a roof in need of expert attention.

Old Windows

Cracked or loose window joints are red flags. They may also be tough to open or letting in exterior elements like water, wind, cold, or heat. A subtle sign of window weakness is if you’ve noticed a spike in your utility bills (heating or cooling).

Struggling Siding


Splitting, rot, or patchy discoloration are dead giveaways that your siding needs repairs. Others may be secondary and manifesting on the interior, just like with windows and roofs. Look out for water spots, drafts, mold, pests, or increased utility bills. Your siding may even be making noise to warn you of problems.

Worn Out Doors

Doors share a lot of red flags with windows. You may find that they’re either letting the outside elements in, dragging, or making excessive noise when you try to open, close, or lock them. Warping or cracking in wooden doors indicate the need for exterior repairs.

Clogged Gutters


Gutters need to be clean and well-fitted to work. Clogged gutters interfere with proper drainage and can become overly heavy, causing them to subtly or obviously pull away from the roofline. Overflow onto your roof or exterior walls is a sign that gutters need attention.

Spotting any one of these signs is a strong reason to take immediate action. Speaking to exterior remodeling professionals helps you address structural issues while boosting your home’s curb appeal.

What Homeowners Can Do

You can tackle any outside issue with high-quality exterior repairs, such as:

  • Roof workTile, asphalt, slate, and metal are all available for beauty and durability.
  • Siding replacementColorful, versatile options like shingles, vinyl, and fiber cement deliver protection and organic effects like wood or stone.
  • New windows or doorsA wide array of vertical and horizontal windows including awning, picture, and casement can combine with entry doors, patio doors, or storm doors to provide aesthetics, energy preservation, and security.
  • Gutter replacementFull or partial replacement gets these essential water management additions back in shape.

Exterior repairs of all kinds do a lot to improve your home’s profile and even increase its resale value. They can truly be called an investment in your home’s future.

Contact the Diligent Exterior Experts With Any Questions

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