8 Types of Windows: When You Need a Replacement

If you\’ve ever researched how to replace a broken window, you\’ve probably felt shocked by the sheer multitude of window types. It\’s also likely that your lack of knowledge in this area slowed down your quest.  

Luckily for you, you don\’t have to trek across the internet to learn about the many types of windows. Instead, you can easily learn about 8 common window varieties with this article. If you\’re interested in this, read on.  

1. Single-Hung 

A single-hung window usually forms a long rectangular shape. This design mainly consists of a square-shaped upper glass pane and a lower pane. However, some smaller decorative panes also exist in certain designs. 

To open this window type, you grab the lower panel and slide it upwards. This should then cover the inner side of the upper panel. 

2. Double-Hung

This type is like the single-hung in shape. Most of the time, the only difference between the two is how their panels move. 

Both the upper and lower panels of the double-hung window are capable of movement. At a minimum, they can both slide up and down. They may also tilt outwards or inwards. 

3. Sliding

Like the two window types above, the sliding window also consists of two panels. However, it usually has two right and left panels instead. These can take on either square or rectangular shapes. 

To open this type of window, a user will push either pane to the right or left. Usually, only one panel is capable of movement. 

4. Casement 

The most basic casement type consists of one hinged pane. When a user opens this, it will tilt clockwise or counterclockwise. Often, but not always, a crank is used to achieve this movement. 

5. Folding 

Several panes (usually around 4) make up a folding window. These are usually lined up together over a long horizontal length. 

To open this type, a user will slip their hands in between the middle of all the panes. He or she will push the left section to the left and the right in the opposite direction. The two groups should then neatly press against each other on either side.  

6. Storm

Storm windows simply refer to windows installed on the outside of a home\’s primary windows. These will protect the home from various weather, such as high winds. 

7. Fixed & Picture

These terms simply refer to windows that do not open. 

8. Custom 

Along with the many pre-built types, you can also order windows that are shaped and designed based on your preference. These can give your home a unique look or better match a certain decor. They may, however, be hard to replace when broken. 

Fix Many Types of Windows With Us 

Now that you\’ve learned about the types of windows, it\’ll probably be much easier for you to replace your windows. You should now be able to get an idea of prices and search for services with little effort. 

Consider taking a look at our services while you do this. We offer custom window installation for residents of the Maryland, D.C., and Northern Virginia areas. With this, we offer windows of the highest quality from top manufacturers. 

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