Did you know that siding panels can sometimes create popping, snapping, rattling, creaking and pinging noises? While some of these noises are completely normal, others might indicate that your home’s outer surface needs repair or replacement.

Changing Conditions

As temperatures rise and fall, exterior materials may expand or contract. This can produce creaking and popping sounds. You are more likely to experience this phenomenon in parts of your house that receive direct sunlight, especially if you live in an area where temperatures become much colder at night.

Aluminum Siding

Is your home’s exterior made of metal? If so, it’s more likely to make noise in rainy or windy weather. This material can also amplify the sounds of falling objects like hail and tree nuts. Wall insulation may help to reduce the volume.

Excessively Tight

If siding has been attached to the wall too tightly, the panels won’t be able to expand or contract with ease. This greatly increases the likelihood that they’ll generate unwanted sounds. It’s vital to choose a trusted, well-qualified installer who employs the right techniques.

Loosely Attached

The opposite problem can produce noise as well. If your panels aren’t adequately fastened to the wall, they might move around during windy weather. The siding could eventually fall off your building unless it’s attached more securely.

Other Possibilities

There’s a chance that the noise is coming from within a wall. For example, termites and carpenter ants often make clicking sounds. It’s also feasible that a plumbing or roof leak could cause water to drip inside of the wall.

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