Typical Window Replacement Costs in 2022

The average household spent around $13,000 in 2020. Since then, prices have only been increasing. This is a concern for many homeowners for good reason. 

For example, how much does it cost to replace windows? Should you get a new window frame at the same time? What factors affect window replacement cost?

These are all very good questions that every homeowner should ask themselves when it\’s time to replace their windows. The good news is that there is a way to get an idea of how much your window replacement project costs.

Read on to learn three things that affect the cost of replacement windows.

How Many Windows?

The first thing that you need to know is how much material you\’re going to need. One way to get a decent idea of this is to decide how many windows you plan to replace. More windows mean more material and labor, so it naturally costs more to replace more windows.

To put this in perspective, the average window price is between $300 and $2,100 for one window. This will depend on your area and the type of window glass that you want, and each new window will increase the total price.

The Size Of The Windows

The next thing that you should think about is how big the windows are. The larger the window, the more materials are needed to make it. It\’s also harder to install larger windows.

This means that the bigger your windows are, the more it\’s going to cost you. These larger windows will be closer to the $2,100 end of the scale in 2022. Small windows will be closer to $300.

Keep in mind that if you have an older house, then it\’s possible that you might have some nonstandard window sizes. This will also increase the cost of your windows a lot.

Types Of Windows

Finally, the last thing you need to think about is the type of windows you want. Are they picture windows that don\’t open or close? Do you want sliding windows?

Some of these windows are going to be more complex to make and install than others. A skylight, for example, will probably cost closer to $2,100 while a picture window costs closer to $300.

Of course, you also need to consider where the windows are going as well. Any exterior remodeling project on your home costs more if you have a two or three-story house as opposed to a single-story ranch home.


Find Your Window Replacement Cost Today

Keep in mind that these are only three things that affect your window replacement cost. There are other things that will affect it too, but these are the most important items.

Each house is different, so it can be hard to give an exact quote without having an expert go over your project with you. And that\’s exactly what our experts here at Diligent Exterior Remodeling are for. We\’ll make sure your windows are quoted and installed perfectly the first time.

Request a quote from us today and we\’ll use our window replacement cost calculator to give you the best price for your windows.

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