The Whoopsy Daisy Window Replacement Guide

Whether one of the kids did it, a hailstorm damaged it, or you\’re working on an exterior remodeling project, figuring out a window replacement can feel challenging. Don\’t let broken glass or a worn-out window frame overwhelm you.

Regardless, you need new windows! But how do you decide what kind of windows you need?

We can help! This article will go over the different types of windows for home use. After reading, you\’ll have a better understanding of replacement windows.

The article starts with the most common house windows—single-hung, double-hung, and arch. Then, we\’ll take a quick dive into other options, such as bay and bow, casement, and picture windows.

After measuring your windows, take a minute and explore your options so that you can make the savviest choice.

Replacing the Most Common Types of Windows for Home

The top two types of windows homeowners replace are single-hung and double-hung. Let\’s see what the differences are between the two.


  • Top sash fixed in place
  • Bottom sash moves
  • Most common in older homes
  • More economical to purchase and install


  • Bottom and top sash move
  • Commonly used in new construction homes
  • Provide more ventilation than single-hung
  • Easier to clean
  • More expensive 

While single-hung windows will work well for most homeowners, you\’ll have more choices for finish, design, and materials if you select double-hung windows.

The Versatility of Arch Windows

Perhaps, you\’re not in a rush to replace a broken window. Instead, you\’re planning an exterior remodeling project and want to update the entire look of your home.

Arched windows, also called radius windows, offer an elegant choice. When you install an arched window above a door or traditional window, it adds architectural interest. Arched windows can also stand on their own as fully functional windows.

 When you shop for arched windows, you\’ll find a variety of designs to choose from, including:

  • Quarter-circles
  • half-circles
  • full circles
  • ovals
  • ellipticals 

There are also plenty of custom solutions as well.

If you\’re looking for a unique design element, ask your remodeling contractor to help you select the style of arched windows that best complement your home\’s design. Next, we\’ll explore two more popular types of windows—bay and bow.

Two Types of Beautiful

When you install a bay or bow window in your home, you\’ll transform not only the exterior but also the interior of your home.

To start, you should know that these are not just any old windows. Bays and bows consist of a shell that protrudes from the home\’s exterior. While they share a similar structure, there are still several differences between the two types of windows.

Bay windows 

  • Picture window with one flat window on either side
  • Three openings
  • Protrude far enough from the exterior of the house to create a shelf on the interior
  • Angular lines and flat planes

Bow windows

  • Four or five openings
  • Curved structure
  • Allow for more incoming natural light 
  • Cost more than bay windows

Bay windows easily complement modern homes, while bow windows make an excellent design option for a Victorian-style home. That said, both work well with just about any home design.

Casement Windows

Savvy homeowners looking for an easy to open and close window solution often go with casement windows. Because of their hinge at the side, there\’s no lifting or pulling the window to open it. A simple twist of a crank installed at the bottom of the window makes opening nearly effortless.

One of the benefits of casement windows is ventilation. It\’s why you\’ll find them in kitchens and bathrooms.

Casement windows also come in a range of colors, grids, and hardware options. Casement windows fit in with any style and décor. If you\’re thinking about installing them, consider also installing an arch window to add a little extra drama.

What about Awning Windows?

While casement windows crank open from the side, awning windows crank open from the top. The window sash attaches across the top, which allows the window to open up and out. Hence, the name awning windows.

Like casement windows, awning windows allow for ample ventilation. There\’s another reason for their popularity. Since the window opens outward, you can leave the window open on rainy days.

Awning windows work well on their own in less spacious rooms. But if you have more space, why not pair them with casement windows? You can also install them with double-hung windows.

Either way, you\’ll enjoy more natural light, ventilation, and stunning panoramic views.

Picture Windows Enhance Your View 

Who doesn\’t enjoy watching the world go by from a doorway or window? Whether you\’re looking out on a beautiful garden area, stunning mountain, or your home sits on a dazzling stretch of coast, picture windows allow you to enjoy the view fully.

You can\’t open a picture window due to its fixed structure. What you can do, however, is pair the picture window with the one you can open, such as single or double-hung or casement windows. 

Other than the enhanced views, these types of windows may make a room appear larger.

Types of Materials for Replacement Windows

Now that we\’ve talked about some of the most common types of windows installed in homes, we\’ll look for a second at the kinds of materials you\’ll have available when purchasing new windows. Materials include:

  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Fiberglass
  • Aluminum

Another material, called wood-clad, offers the look of genuine wood without monthly inspecting and cleaning. You also won\’t need to refinish a wood-clad window.

How do you ensure you make the best selection with so many choices? Of course, please do your due diligence, but don\’t hesitate to get together with a specialist and take advantage of their expertise.

We Install all Types of Windows for Home Use

When it comes to replacement windows, you have some fantastic options. When considering the types of windows for home, you have single or double-hung, arch, bay, bow, casement, awning, and a range of other more custom options.

We\’re your window replacement partners!

Contact the team at Diligent Exterior Remodeling today for assistance with your exterior remodeling services needs. We look forward to partnering with you.

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