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Why Homes Need Quality Windows

The importance of functional windows can’t be overstated. Living with panes and frames that are past their prime means occupying a drab and potentially dangerous space. Giving your windows a new lease on life adds beauty and breathability to your home while providing many other benefits.

At Diligent Exterior Remodeling, we appreciate the true value windows bring. We partner with top manufacturers to deliver the highest standard of customizable window services to residents in the Maryland, D.C., and Northern Virginia areas. Contact our team today to look through our options.

Windows that look good and perform strongly offer homes more than a room with a view. Here are some advantages if you’re ready to upgrade:

1. Increased Security

Cracked, corroded, or broken windows invite crime, but made-to-measure windows reduce the chances of a break-in. The right windows can also offer increased privacy.

2. Greater energy Efficiency

Windows play a big role in preventing drafts and cold while stopping the escape of interior warmth. They also work in reverse by keeping interior cool in and exterior heat out. Both scenarios result in utility bill savings.

3. Improved Health & Safety

Well-fitted windows prevent moisture and pests from getting into your home. Subpar frames won’t stop either of these, leading to structural and health issues like mold and insects. 

4. Boosted Curb Appeal

New windows are among the most influential home features in raising the resale price and attracting buyers – who will be glad to know they won’t need to be replaced any time soon.

Window Replacement and Installation Services

Windows can provide an excellent return on investment while keeping your home safe and secure for years. Connect with us for a free estimate.

Window Solutions From Diligent Exterior Remodeling

We deliver highly customizable options that homeowners can design to suit their tastes. Our partnership with ProVia lets you visualize how different styles of windows will look on your home. Our options include:


Top hinged, outward-opening windows that allow plenty of ventilation.


The classic side-hinged, outward-opening design.

Double Hung

Vertically opening models that allow two parts of the window to slide up and down.


Windows that extend from the home to provide shelving and side vents for growing plants and herbs.


Large, single-panel windows that don’t open but allow for plentiful sightlines and light.

Our expert installers can provide all these and more. Browse our gallery to see our work and contact us for a free estimate. 

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Why Diligent Exterior Remodeling Is Your Trusted Windows Provider

We are committed to the highest standards of customer education, satisfaction, and service. We supplement this value by providing:

  • Leading window brands, including ProViaSlocomb, and Harvey
  • Premium materials and best-in-class warranties
  • 0% financing for 18 months for qualified customers
  • Buy five windows and get the sixth free

Contact us to explore our options and see how we can design and install the perfect windows for your home.

Diligent Exterior Remodeling Is Your Go-To For Windows Services In MD, D.C., And Northern VA

Good windows are an essential part of your home, keeping out weather and pests while adding visual appeal. Diligent Exterior Remodeling has a skilled team that will help you choose and customize the top-quality windows you deserve. Contact our offices today to consult with an expert about your needs for windows services.